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by Bryan Blackwell

Corvairs have been very successful over the years in autocross racing (also known as slalom racing or Solo 2), and I'm building these pages to help folks have more fun and success in this sport. If you have a question or would like to add or comment on what's already here about Corvair racing, please mail me. I would like to thank all the folks who have contributed so far, it really helps! For those of you who don't know who I am, my name's Bryan Blackwell, and I can usually be found in cyberspace on the Virtual Vairs e-mail list as well.

Bryan Blackwell's '65 coupe Although the last few years have been devoted to our Greenbrier, I have not forgotten the red Corsa. I've started making plans and getting together some parts for a new engine. We're also going to need a new engine for the Greenbrier, so that one will be a good refresher as I haven't built an engine in quite a few years.

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Introductory Info.

If you're just starting out, these pages are probably where you want to look first.

Car Building.

Wondering what to do next? Take a look at these pages.

Wheels & Tires. The key to handling are the tires, so the best place to start once you've chosen a class is with the tires. Covers wheel and tire selection for both street and autocross Corvairs. Since this is a subject common to all cars, I've also added info to it for non-Corvairs as well. Subtopics are:

Suspension basics. What it is, what's there, how to change it. Mostly applies to late models, but I have started getting some early notes in as well. Additional pages:

Engine mods. Everybody wants more power. If you're looking to build an engine, check here. You'll also find separate pages on:

Construction tips and interchanges. There are a number of things that fall outside the big areas of the engine and suspension, but attention to detail will make a big difference:

Stock and SP class rules. A line by line listing of things you can do based on each rule in the SCCA Solo 2 rulebook. I've started adding some info for the Corsa autocross rules too.

E/Street Prepared Stuff. This page is a summary of what I've learned about setting up my car (that's it above, at the '94 Williamsburg convention). E/SP is a class that a lot of folks find themselves in who have the usual bolt-on goodies.

Yenko Stingers! You can bolt Stinger parts onto your SP class Corvair - wondering what came on a Stinger? Standard equipment and options for Stages I, II, and III.

Stinger Prep Manual. In 1973, Jim Schardt prepped his Stinger to go racing, finishing fifth in the SCCA national championship race. He kept notes on what he did to the car, and he's been kind enough to let me put them up here. Great for anyone with a racing Corvair.

Putnam Park Hot Lap. Also from Jim Schardt, a hot lap turn by turn tour of Putnam Park in his (now Vintage) Racing Stinger.

Suppliers. You won't find the parts for your performance Corvair at every speed shop, but there are several enthusiastic suppliers who carry the goodies you'll want.

Tools and parts. To finish first, first you must finish. An on the road toolbox, along with some part numbers for common wear items like plugs and fan belts.

Bibliography. Here are some books which I've found useful in preparing and modifying my Corvair, along with some other titles regarding racing and other cars in our driveway.

FAQ. A catchall of common questions.

Our Projects.

Bryan and Ellie's cars. Finally, here are some details on the Blackwell autocross Corvair and the others in the driveway.

1962 700 Wagon. We needed a little more space than a Corvair car normally provides, so when shopping for an early we got a wagon.

1964 Greenbrier. Everybody with kids needs a minivan. Here's the Blackwell family hauler. We've also been to a couple CORSA conventions in our Greenbrier, here are the stories:

1966 Corsa coupe. Our budget fun driver 1966 Corsa coupe.

1999 Neon R/T. We needed something newer to drive, it's quite the autocross car too.

Cool Cars.

Here are some neat Corvairs other folks have built.

Chuck Cromwell's '63 Sedan. So, you didn't think sedans could be quick? Or earlies? Guess again :-)

Doug Roe's 1960 Corvair coupe. This is one of the most famous racing Corvairs ever, first owned by Bill Thomas, then Doug Roe. After a long rest out in the desert, Warren Leveque has purchased it and has brought it back to life!

I've since gotten some additional photos and info:

The Ultimate Spyder. Warren Leveque's latest creation - an altered wheelbase, tube frame, mid engine, supercharged Spyder. Is it fast? You betcha!

Fitch Wagon. Jeff Angelli is building something John Fitch never did - a wagon. Given that we have a wagon ourselves, this one is of special interest to me.

Kent Sullivan's "Little Vair Coupe". Kent Sullivan has been building a 190c.i. powered Corvair, he has a web site with info on the car, the big bore engine, and Canadian Corvairs too. This is the car and engine which use the headers that were pictured on my site.

Matt Nall has a page with a variety of technical papers, including Warren Leveque's regular autocrossing column for the CORSA Communique, Solo Is.

Mike Mann's Street Terror. Have a need for speed? Here's what Mike Mann did about it!

Photo Gallery. Performance Corvair photos - All Corvair, Corvair powered, or Corvair bodied, all welcome here.

Related pages.

The Corvair Society of America. Think you're the only Corvair owner out there? Guess again! Join the club, it's the best investment you can make in your Corvair! If you're planning on attending a Corsa autocross, you can find a copy of the Corsa rules here.

Virtual Vairs. The Corvair e-mail discussion list, check out the web site. All Corvair owners welcome!

FastVair. This list is devoted to fast Corvairs. Check it out! Of special interest is the files section, which has photos and articles (including Warren's Solo Is columns). BTW, the list is not limited to one particular type of Corvair racing, anything fast goes!

Gary Aube has an excellent Corvair site, including lots of pages for every kind of racing and performance Corvair - Yenko Stingers, Fitch Sprints, V-8 conversions, and more.

Corvair Alley. Rick Norris' site includes a number of pages and photos documenting his Sunoco liveried track Corvair.

Van Pershing's Corvair page. Van's site has several project pages for modifications to his Yenko Stinger clone.

The Corvair Project. Eric Marschner maintains a great list of Corvair links, take a look.

Team.Net. The autocross mailing list pages.

The SCCA. They have pages devoted to Autocrossing (called Solo2) They have downloadable rulebooks for autocross here and Road Racing construction here.

Autocross FAQ. The San Francisco region of the SCCA put up this site for the Team.Net FAQ. It has good general info on autocrossing, but is now somewhat out of date. Another good site is here.

Brian Beckman's The Physics of Racing. A multi part series of articles on vehicle dynamics, I've mirrored a copy here along with PDFs you can download.

Amazon.com Not exactly autocross related, but they do have listings for many racing and performance books, and they now carry tools and other things useful to the performance car hobby. In association with Amazon, I get a commission for each sale from a link here, so you can help support this site when you shop at Amazon. Below is a search box you can use to look through everything they carry.

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