The Yenko Stinger was a limited production car based on the Corvair which was built for SCCA sports car racing by a Canonsburg, Pennsylvania Chevrolet dealer named Don Yenko. In the Automobile Classes appendix of the SCCA Solo II rulebook, all years of the Corvair and the Stage I, II, and III versions of the Stinger are on the same line of in the E/SP listing. This means that any part from any year Corvair, or any of these Stingers can be interchanged.

Here's the list of what was stock on the first group of 100 Stingers, dated 16 January 1966. I have edited the list slightly to group modifications together, and added some comments in [brackets and color]. It's interesting to note that Stages II and III are solely engine modifications, you got all the body and suspension parts with every Stinger, or as a separate option.

Finally, I must also point out that although this is from a printed brochure, these cars were hand built and could be ordered pretty much any way a customer wanted. Don Yenko was, after all, in the business of selling cars and if a customer didn't really like the landau panels then the car would have had them removed or not installed at all. This list is meant as a guide for what is legal in racing, if you are looking to buy a Stinger and want to know if it's real or not, I strongly suggest you contact Charlie "Bud" Doerge and the The Yenko Sportscar Club for information.

Stage I:

Stage II

As above, with the following additions or changes:

Stage III

As above, with the following additions or changes:


I've left off the parts that were regular Chevrolet options, these are the Yenko specific parts available on that first batch of 100.

Additionally, Yenko released parts during the sixties as other runs of Stingers were built. I'll add these parts as I get information on them. The most significant is the closer ratio "Yenko" transmission introduced in 1967. See the RPM to speed drop chart for ratio info. More options:

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Charlie "Bud" Doerge is writing a book which will include documentation on all known Stingers. If you have any info on a Stinger, please mail him. He also has a Stinger web page.

Gary Aube has this nice Stinger page, including a lot of great shots of Stingers. Check out the rest of his site for more great photos here!

The Yenko Sportscar Club page. Info on registering your Stinger, lots of info on the Yenko cars, photos, and more.