2016 Update.

We have been having quite a bit of fun with our '66, here's a little gallery of photos. She has the nickname "Dr. Pamela Isley" for the plasti-dip fluorescent green.

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2002 Project Start.

           Just a couple photos, we just got this one in late 2002. It's a 1966 Corsa coupe, I'm hoping to set it up to compete in the Grass Roots Motorsports challenge - maybe finally in 2005. Purchase price was $1500, complete with a fresh 140 and some extra bits in the trunk. The longer term plan is to swap that nice engine into our '65 coupe. For those of you contemplating buying and driving a Corvair for street and autocross, this may be a helpful history.

Roughly, the deal is buy a relatively solid car, fix the immediate driveability problems, then go after things one by one to make the car better and faster. This car cost $1500 from a gentleman who had one too many projects, many things have already been done to it, and since he bought it with the intention of keeping it for himself, I'm starting with a pretty solid car.

Items already done by the PO.

  • Fresh 140, with +60 pistons, Isky 270 cam, Otto valve covers, oil pump, and air filters. Rebuilt carbs, Crane ignition, new balancer, fan and idler bearings.
  • New gas tank.
  • KYB shocks.
  • Engine soundproofing.
  • Dynamat behind the back seat.
  • New battery.
  • Bushed shift tube.

Stuff to do.

           Obviously some of this doesn't matter much for driveablity, but I wrote it all down so as to start with a complete list. I'm dividing this into four categories: Do before first drive, Fix Real Soon, Nice to Do, and Competition Mods. As things are fixed I'll note what it took and the cost. Of course there are more things to fix that we haven't found yet, I'll add those as well. I've since moved these into a spreadsheet, you can find it here.

2004 update.

           This car has turned every bit as much fun as I'd hoped - a once in a while driver, and it's even gone to a few events:

This was at the NECC's Summit Point event in 2003. We (Stefan, Trevor, and I) loaded up the car, drove to the event, I got over an hour of track time, took the boys for a couple parade laps, then we drove home. Fun! Click on the small photos to see them full size.

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