Done Item Cost/Gain Resolution Parts status/Repair plan
Purchase price $1,500.00
  Do before first drive      
Valve cover leak. $2.00 Have new gasket
X Throttle sticks. $3.00 De-rusted pedal, new spring
Brakes leak and grab. $79.75 LF cyl, front shoes and hoses
Engine needs some sheetmetal installed. $0.00 Install what came with car
X Brake lights don't work. $0.00 Were disconnected at switch
X RF parking/turn signal non op. $2.00 Fixed, cleaned out sockets/new bulbs.
X Missing battery hold down. $2.00 Bought used from Corvair Ranch
  Fix Real Soon      
New seat belts Buy 5 belts
Wiper blades. Buy refills
X Flaky dimmer switch. $8.20 Replaced with new from Corvair Ranch
Loose front spoiler. Buy new bolts
Missing fan belt guides. $2.00 Have used
Hook PCV hose into air filter. Need fitting
Horn non-op. $0.00 Switch assembled backwards, high tone still doesn't work. Troubleshoot
Backup lights non-op. Troubleshoot
Steering coupler hits gas filler tube. $0.00 Adjust fit of filler tube
Pitman arm bushing shot. $9.50 Bought, need to install Nylon bushing
Halogen headlights. $15.00 Have used
  Nice to Do      
Cracked windshield.
X Missing horn button. $0.00 Found in glovebox
Minor rust in trunk floor. Weld & paint
Ripped headliner.
No radio.
Dual master cylinder $55.00 New from Corvair Ranch
X Extra set of keys. $12.00 Bought new from Corvair Ranch
  Competition Mods      
Fast steering arms. $30.00 Have used
Heim joint rear lower links $50.00 Bought used
13x7" wheels $160.00 Bought used
Good tires. Buy used
Total purchases $1,930.45
  Extras with car      
65 Rear grille. Install (?)
Aftermarket 4 way flasher.
65 shop manual. Sell at Fall Flea Fair
Flamethrower ignition coil. Sell at Fall Flea Fair
New idler pulley bearing Sell at Fall Flea Fair
New throwout bearing. Sell at Fall Flea Fair
Door, trunk, and engine weatherstrip.
Foward Control suspension bolts.
Window "fuzzies".
4 bbl 140 manifold. Sell at Fall Flea Fair
Underbody tunnel covers. Install
Lower engine sheet metal. Install
Stock camshaft. Sell at Fall Flea Fair
4 way lug wrench.
FC diff internals Sell at Fall Flea Fair
Nissan jack.
Total sales $0.00
Budget total $1,930.45