Brian Beckman's

The Physics of Racing

Acrobat ReaderThe how's, why's and wherefore's of punting a car around a track... the entire Physics of Racing Series (PhoRS) by Brian Beckman, PhD, reproduced here with permission. The articles are also being progressively made available for download in Adobe® Acrobat® (PDF) form, suitable for printing.

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Introduction to the PhoRS article series

Part 1 Weight Transfer phors001.pdf (904k)
Part 2 Keeping Your Tyres Stuck to the Ground phors002.pdf (792k)
Part 3 Basic Calculations phors003.pdf (786k)
Part 4 There Is No Such Thing as Centrifugal Force phors004.pdf (898k)
Part 5 Introduction to the Racing Line phors005.pdf (953k)
Part 6 Speed and Horsepower phors006.pdf (903k)
Part 7 The Traction Budget phors007.pdf (1019k)
Part 8 Simulating Car Dynamics with a Computer Program phors008.pdf (815k)
Part 9 Straights phors009.pdf (996k)
Part 10 Grip Angle phors010.pdf (904k)
Part 11 Braking phors011.pdf (427k)
Part 12 CyberCar, Every Racer's DWIM Car? phors012.pdf (832k)
Part 13 Transients (The missing episode) phors013.pdf (943k)
Part 14 Why Smoothness? phors014.pdf (1099k)
Part 15 Bumps In The Road phors015.pdf (1229k)
Part 16 RARS, A Simple Racing Simulator phors016.pdf (1104k)
Part 17 "Slow-in, Fast-out!" or, Advanced Analysis of the Racing Line phors017.pdf (955k)
Part 18 "Slow-in, Fast-out!" or, Advanced Analysis of the Racing Line, Continued phors018.pdf (1031k)
Part 19 Space, Time, and Rubber phors019.pdf (635k)
Part 20 Four-Point Statics phors020.pdf (981k)
Part 21 The Magic Formula: Longitudinal Version phors021.pdf (1093k)
Part 22 The Magic Formula: Lateral Version phors022.pdf (1026k)
Part 23 Trail Braking phors023.pdf (856k)
Part 24 Combination Slip phors024.pdf (781k)
Part 25 Combination Grip phors025.pdf (1021k)
Part 26 The Driving Wheel, Chapter I phors026.pdf (1108k)
Part 27 Four-Wheel Weight Transfer phors027.pdf (973k)
Part 28 Hazards of Integration phors028.pdf (1152k)
Part 29 A Magical Trick phors029.pdf (1501k)

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