Measuring the Oil Temp and Press.

Given the stress the oil sees in a Corvair, good instrumentation is very useful. One problem is the location of the stock snap switch near the alternator/generator really doesn't leave a lot of room for additional sensors.

Ned Madsen.

Ned Madsen made a nice remote setup:

The sender is mounted to a bracket with a couple of wire ties (Chuck Armer didn't like the way the original hose clamp looked, and I have to admit he was right). I made the bracket out of a 1/8 thick "corner reinforcement" I found in the hardware store. The bracket attaches to the engine at the bolt that the ground wire from the battery also uses. I replaced the bolt with a stud. I switched from the hose clamp to the wire ties, I had to add a ground strap to the sender after that.

Ned Madsen

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Images courtesy Ned Madsen.

Rick Norris.

Rick Norris did a similar installation:

I use a replacement hose for a grease gun which has 1/8" pipe threads on both ends and comes in several lengths. I used a 1/8" male pipe thread to 1/8" brake tubing adaptor on the oil filter housing in the original location of the factory oil pressure sender. I then bent a piece of brake tubing to go around the alternator and over towards the battery side. You might find a piece of brake tubing the right length with nuts and flares but I flare my own.

On the other end of the tubing I used a 1/8" female pipe to 1/8 brake tubing to connect the grease gun hose. At the other end of the hose I used a 1/8" female pipe thread brass tee for the sender and an oil pressure gauge nylon tubing connection.

I made some custom brackets with tubing clamps clamps to hold everything securely in place.

Rick Norris

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Images courtesy Rick Norris.