So the CORSA National convention autocross sounds like fun, but you're a little hesitant. A VV list member asked some questions prior to the Williamsburg convention in '94, here are some answers.

Q: What about costs for convention events? Is there a fee just to get in/any form that must be sent in?

Yep. First off, you need to be a CORSA member, which is a good idea anyway. The convention itself runs around $30 for registration. Mailing in the registration is usually cheaper, there is a check box on the form for what events you'll be attending. There may be a slight additional cost for the autocross, expect $10 or so. You'll also need to sign the waiver when you get there. Registration forms will appear on the dust jacket of the Communique a few months prior to the convention, or check the CORSA web site.

For your first SCCA event, everything said here also applies, although there are a few more things you can do and still remain in stock class. Prices around the DC area are about $15 per event. In general, events are open to non-members, but it's a good idea to call the organizers first.

Q: Assuming the car is running fine, I'd like to try my first ever autocross...which conveniently is Saturday! Maybe Bryan or Seth can give me idea whether it's even possible for a total novice to compete and what type of things need to be done/present to pass the tech inspection. (I forsee being a very slow driver teamed with an even slower 110/PG car...)

Well, you'll be running against other 110's and 95's and such, so don't worry about slow. The only things you can really do to make the car faster in stock are:

Safety stuff: You'll also need to go through a safety check, here are the items that are usually checked:

Concentrate the most on getting the course down cold, so you know what's coming up next. That will be the most important to a good time, other than staying on course. I'd highly recommend running an event prior to the Convention for practice if possible.