How about some fresh horsepower?

Those of you following the 1965 Corsa on the main page of the site know it needs a new engine. Here's the plan.


So, I have this pile of parts in the basement, I need a plan for how I'm going to move from that to a running engine. Let's define some goals:

Parts In Hand.

I've accumulated a fair number of parts already, plus what is available from the 140 I'm replacing and the 140 out of the '66: I'm not including the external parts like carbs and ignition for now, but bear in mind this is a Rochester carb'd engine.


Cylinder heads play a huge role in the performance of the engine. Coupled with the cam, they essentially define how the engine will perform. In many ways, it's best to determine the head specs and cam first, then build the rest of the engine to match, so I've put this section first.


To achieve the durability and power I need a good foundation in the shortblock, that is the assembled crankcase and cylinder barrels.