Warren Le Veques'  "Solo IS"  [most  chapters; as this was done before it was Published!]  BUY IT!

What are the possible  sizes of Corvair engines?  Includes Stroker Cranks  and BIG BOREs

What are the effects of different Tire Heights and Differential Ratios on your Top Speeds?

Tire Size - Diferential Ratio effect on RPM  at 40-120 mph

Troubleshooting Guide by Matt Nall and Graph of the Thermister's temperature profile by Lew Rischel

Chart of Distributor Specs for all years

Step By Step;  Installing your distributor!

Step By Step;  Balancing your Carburators!

Diagrams;  Installing an Internally Regulated Alternator  60 -69!

"High Rise" your 1964-69 95/110/140 Air Cleaner for improved Performance!

Explanation:  The Carter YH  Carburator, a technical paper,     provided by Bob Helt

     Downloadable WORD document / right-click/save-as      CARTER.DOC

Cylinder Head ID / pictures - numbers EASY!   provided by Kevin Raphael

Cylinder Head De-Flashing Pictures

1961 Front and Rear  Seatbelt Installation instructions      provided by Steve Oxford

1962-4 Rear Seatbelt Installation instructions      provided by Steve Oxford

1965-9 Rear Shoulderbelt Installation instructions Page 1

1965-9 Vert Front Shoulder belt Installation instructions page 2

1965-9 Rear Seatbelt Installation Instructions

Car Buying Checklist [ pdf]

Easy Chart to calculate what the difference in Costs are between 10-74mpg  with Gasolene costs between $2.00 - $5.25 per gallon when driving 15,000 miles

MP3  Jack in your CorVair AM / FM  radio!  and radio will still work!   provided by Eric Prosise