1 You need to "prelube" the engine anyway.....dist. out....big "common"

screwdriver minus handle in drill motor...Turn CW approx 200 rpm....until

"resistance" is felt..then for another minute...

2  To re-install distributor:

A  Remove sparkplug from #1 [ closest to dist.]

B  Crank engine with starter with finger in hole.

C  When pressure blows your fing out...STOP

D  Timing mark will have passed the timing guide / rotate pulley CW until

      the timing mark on the pulley is at 14 DEG. STOP DO NOT MOVE ENGINE!!

E  With dist. in your hand.....point rotor towards VA diaphram...1" below VA

F  Look at bottom of Dist. shaft......with VA pointed at rear bumper /

    determine where the oil pump SLOT should be....taking into account the gears are

     angled and the Rotor will turn approx. 1/8 turn...

G  Align oil pump slot...........install dist. [ gasket!] and insert dist.

      until it bottoms out at gasket surface...if not move oil pump shaft slightly...

H  Add holdown clamp and tighten with fingers.

I   Connect wire from Dist. to "-" of coil

J  Add Dist. cap / Coil lead and # 1 SP wire.....with sparkplug in! Hold SP against metal.

K  Turn on Ignition..DO NOT CRANK ENGINE

L  By hand..Rotate Dist CW all the way it will go [ hits eng.]

M  Rotate CCW slowly until #1 SP fires STOP Tighten down dist.

NOTE: if you set the points right / have spark...there is no reason to move

the Distributor. ANY engine will run with this timing. Any problems with missing / bad idle is the Carbs or the Sparkplugs /wires, etc.