Mike Hawkes' Corv Eight Mods

Lonnie Campbell purchased a Corv Eight built by Mike Hawkes and asked for some history of the car. Gary Hoffman passed along a couple of the details that make the car special.

Another trick item he did was on the front air intake cut-out under the front bumper; he bent some tubing to meet the lip, tack welded it on the inside, and rolled the metal around it (and used some filler to smooth it out). Instead of looking like a metal slice job (like mine looks on my Crown car), it looks like a factory made opening.

He also dreamed up a modification to the Crown subframe, where the side to side beam is relocated under the pan instead of in front of the harmonic balancer. This allowed him to use a low-mount alternator, which in turn allowed him to mount the driver's seat back another 4" or so. He made about 4 other subframes like his (including modifying mine). A trick piece.

Lonnie, have a great time with the car!

Gary Hoffman