Putnam Park.

From Warren Leveque:

The following is a hot lap around the Putnam Park Track, Jim Schardt leads us around in his vintage Yenko Stinger.

Turn 1
This can be driven as a fast sweeping corner. As you come down the long straight be sure to stay on full throttle until you reach the brake markers. I use number 2 to brake. Apply brakes hard, take a late apex, and reapply power hard through the corner. Depending on dear ratios you may downshift before turning.

Turn 2
This corner comes up quickly and is tighter than turn 1. Stay to left side, jab brakes, and turn just before grass on left starts to turn. This is a third gear corner and also has a late apex. Apply power as soon as possible after turning.

Turns 3 and 4
Turn 3 is flat out. Exiting 3, stay in the middle of the road. Do not go to the right side. Jab brakes just before hill. Turn 4 is blind to the left so be slightly turning left before you crest the hill. this a fast sweeping, third gear corner with the apex at the end of the curb. If taken correctly with sufficient power, you will drift out to the curb on the right. This is probably the most difficult corner on the track and will take many laps to get comfortable.

Turn 5
Just a regular 90 degree third gear corner. Short brake approaching corner. Turn just as pavement on left starts to turn.

Turn 6
This corner is flat out from 5 to 7. Just make sure not to turn too early in 6.

Turn 7
Tight 90 degree second gear corner. Brake hard approaching corner being sure to keep car straight so as not to lock up a tire. Take a late apex so you can apply power as soon as you turn.

Turn 8
Brake in dip must before corner. This is a long 180 degree third gear turn. Exiting the corner correctly is most important. Enter the corner in the middle of the road. Half way through the corner, drift to the right edge, set up to start applying power, apex on left side curb, and drift out to access road on right.

Turn 9
This is a blind, uphill, right hand, third gear. Half way up hill tap brakes. Two thirds up hill start turning right so to be in middle of road by crest of the hill. Continue turning to apex on right side curb. This corner can get you in big trouble if you are too far to the left when cresting the hill.

Turn 10
From turn 9 drift out to the left side until touching the entrance to pit lane. Lift off throttle for an instant to get front of car to grab. Turn just past speed bump at pit entrance. Aim behind apex on right because car will drift away from apex. If apex is missed, you will come too close to guardrail on left and not be able to keep full power on through corner. It is important to have full power through this corner sincd it is the start of the long straight.

Corvair gear ratio is the same as used at MId-Ohio, Lime Rock, and Blackhawk. I use a 3.55 with 21 inch tires.

This is a fun, safe track, with nice facilities. course is 1.8 miles long with lap times in the 1:20 to 1:25 range for fast cars

Jim and his sons teach drivers schools at this track,