Bryan's '65 coupe '65 Corvair Corsa coupe.

So you want to know more about the car pictured here? Here's a short history:

The Car.

It's a 1965 Corsa coupe 140/4. Rebuilt 140 10:1cr, forged pistons, ported heads, ported and rotated carbs (stock) jetted 52/57, headers w/2" extractors, MSD ignition, stacks w/ K&N filters, 63 amp alt. '66 3.55:1 ratio posi transaxle w/4spider gear pak, '66 hubs. Cut down HD springs and Koni's, aftermarket quick steering arms and factory quick box, ADDCO rear sway bar.

Yenko style rear seat area, custom stereo, Corbeau GT seats, quick shifter, fresh carpeting, Grant wood steering wheel, added oil press and temp gauges. Battery relocated to trunk, electric fuel pump. Tires are BFG R-1's, size 225/50-15 on SenDel 15x6.5" wheels with 5" of backspacing. The exterior has GM dual sport style mirrors, a custom 7" rear spoiler, and the body is painted Regal Red with a white cove area.

How it got this way.

I bought the car when I was 18, in 1980. Turned out that at least 2 gallons of bondo were used "restoring" it, and the paint had not been removed prior to bondoing, which rusted out the body, but the floorpan was still solid :-( It got parked in '86. I rebuilt the car with a body from Texas (which was originally going to be an ultra-trick car, but that's another story), with the various hipo stuff I had acquired over the years, starting in late '88.

In May '90, I pulled the car into a friend's garage to begin restoring the body. Doors, hood, deck, and all trim was removed, next all the paint (factory paint :-) was removed chemically, then the body was treated to remove various surface rust. Only two holes were found, under the battery and in one of the door pillars, which were fixed by MIG welding. We then shot it in Regal Red, using a clear/color system. Due to a few little life changes (marriage, two children, and two job changes :-), it took a bit longer than the original 6 week estimate. To be exact, it was ready in time for the Fairfax City 4th of July parade. 1993.

Anyway, it made it to the Williamsburg Corsa International Convention in '94, where my lovely wife Ellie took home a trophy in Street Mod. I didn't, so one of these days I have a score to settle :-) The photo above was captured from a video that George Anderson took of my runs.

In 1995, we ran the car in 7 of the local autocross series events, sorting out the car and getting some real driving experience. Since then a number of things have kept the car off the course, but there are a few mods in store for the old girl:

Update, 2004.

It took quite a bit longer to get to this point, in part because I found the #5 cylinder had low compression and I just wasn't up to tearing that down as well. But, the car is now up on jackstands in our carport for some TLC:

Bryan Coupe on Jackstands

Update, 2013. Although the front end got finished, the engine I was going to put in turned out to have issues so the car still sits. I have a 110 that will hopefully go in soon so at least I can get it to an event sometime.

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