Complete Preparation Of Yenko Stingers For Road Racing

By: Jim Schardt

Jim Schardt was kind enough to allow me to share his well known "Stinger Prep Manual" with you. Although it was written some time ago, most of the items are timeless. This reference is especially useful if you are planning to build a vintage racer, but read through it for ideas for a race car in any class.
The following preparation was made to YS-043 for 1973 SCCA National racing. The car finished fifth at CSPRRC ( ARRC ) in 1973. This list will be updated during 1974 as improvements are made.

The modifications listed are divided into the following categories:

It is recommended that the book How to Hotrod Corvair Engines be thoroughly read. Although some parts are not necessarily true, the book can prevent some serious pitfalls during engine building.

Use specifications listed in the General Motors Repair Manual except where otherwise noted in this guide.

The original Yenko Tech Manual should be read for reference.

The Stinger Prep Manual section is copyright Jim Schardt. All rights reserved.

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