4. Transaxle and Clutch

Use the close ratio gears. Special 19 tooth drive gear costs about $180 and may be difficult to find. Other gears needed are:

Set differential loose (.008 - .010 ring and pinion clearance). Use a low pattern on ring gear. Pattern will move to the center under torque. Use BFL lube or equivalent. Positraction should hold 50 ft-lbs minimum. The 3.55 ratio should be used for most tracks. Very long straights might need the 3.27.

Use aluminum flywheel - the steel ones flex under load and also come apart. Use new flywheel bolts.

Use 140 HP clutch GM 3829806. Cut off lobes on pressure plate (except where mounting holes are located) See arrows in Figure 2. Rebalance assembly. Use only a new GM disc or metallic disc.

Install a new clutch cable. These also break regularly.

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