2. Brakes and Wheels

Use GM metallic linings.

Bore front cylinders to 1 inch diameter and use appropriate seals.

Drill hole in backing plates and duct front brakes with cold air.

Remove self adjusters and replace with manual adjustment.

Use DOW CORNING silicone brake fluid only.

Replace brake hoses every year. Replace wheel cylinder seals and springs every 5 hours. Check springs and seals every race as excessive heat causes them to weaken and become brittle.

Replace wheel studs with 1/2 inch studs. Carbide drill necessary to drill out holes in rear hubs.

Magnesium 13 x 7 rims are recommended. Spacers are usually required on rear to obtain maximum legal track.

Tires used in 1973 were Goodyear 21 x 8 x 13 W2 (D0103) both front and rear. Tire pressures were 30 psi front and 38 psi rear when HOT. When using these tires, the track should be measured after running the tires hard for one session. The tires change offset and will require about a 3/8 spacer to bring tire back to proper offset and prevent rubbing on suspension.

The edge inside fender well should be rolled flat to prevent tire scuffing.

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