1. Suspension and Steering

a. Front

Replace upper controI arm rubber bushing (A) with bronze bushings. Replace lower control arm bushing (B) wlth Heims bushing (the one with camber adjusting bolt). See Figure 1.

Disassemble rubber pads on brake reaction rod and cut the spacer between the rubber pads to 1/2 of its original length. Replace spacer and rubber pads and tighten until tight against spacer.

Use front springs 3875088 with 1 3/4 coils cut off top (8 1/2" free length).

Install KONI shocks

Front sway bar diameter will depend on length of arms, however, if "Crown" type is used that connects beneath the reaction rod bolts, then a 1" minimum diameter is recommended.

Wheel Alignment:

Steering - use GM quick steering option and IECO quick steering arms. This combination gives 1.8 turns lock to lock. GM PART- 5696165 WORM NUT (50 BALLS) and 5699244 WORM SHAFT

Reinforce center tie rod to eliminate flexing under hard cornering.

b. Rear

Replace rubber bushings with Heims in both ends of lower control arms. Install Heims in front bushing of trailing arms.

Use rear springs 3875090 with 1 1/4 coils cut off top (13" free length). Rubber spacer on top of spring can be removed on one side to shift weight and equalize between sides. This spacer effects front weight transfer also. If this spacer does not equalize weight in front, then preload rear sway bar on one side.

Crown 1" diameter sway bar is recommended in rear also.

Install KONI shocks. Use large washer to reinforce top of shock tower.

Wheel Alignment:

Front motor mounts should be welded solid to prevent transaxle from rotating. Crossmember must also be welded solid to frame.

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