Smitty's "Press On Regardless Kit"

Smitty and Helen Smith are well known for travelling all over the US in their '64 wagon, Smitty posted the following list of tools and supplies to Virtual Vairs based on his experience over the years. Particularly see the special tools section.


Smitty Says: I will mention the Wagon has well over 400,000 miles on it. I put over 150,000 miles on my previous Camper hauling Corvair with one of my engine builds in it and about 40,000 on the one before that. (small engine). My camper weighs somewhere around 1,500 lbs wet. When I go to the highway with it, it runs wide open with my foot on the floor all day long at 65-70. It ran that way to Alaska and back. It has taken me years to decide what to carry and what I can do without.

The List.

The following is a list of the things I carry in my car for cross country trips. They have always got me home through engine pulls and disassembly and transmission rebuilds. Not ALL are necessary but have been found to be nice to have when the need arose.




Spare Parts

Emergency Equipment

Special tools S-1 through S5