A day at work.

     I see a lot of comments sometimes on Virtual Vairs about what Corsa should be doing with all that staff, just thought I'd write up something about my day at work.

Ah, a beautiful spring morning, great day to drive the coupe into work, so I hop in and fire it up, hit the highway. Pulling into the lot at the gorgeous new Corsa headquarter building, I see many more Vairs, seems that most of the staff had pretty much the same thought. Looks like we might be able to get a pickup autocross going today, I see a couple of the cars either have their race tires on or brought them along. What's really fun, of course, is seeing the other folks who work in the area as they walk or drive by, there are always plenty of double takes as they go by the lot on a day like today, they think Corsa is some high tech workplace, not a car club.

I drop the kids off at the morning day care, I see the Claypool kids brought in a transmission today, my guys go running over to check it out. Wonder if Larry remembered to take out the needle bearings this time, he got in some trouble about small parts last time.

First stop on the normal day is coffee, of course, then into the office - being the lead Sys Admin has its perks, I got a little bigger one than Chuck Kamas or Gary Aube, of course they don't have to live with the latest server we're testing either.

Quick check of the mail shows that everything looks good from the night before, tho we have a couple trouble tickets open about VV and Dennis wants me to check it out since the mid shift guys couldn't get it fixed. Wander off to get the paper mail, I stick my head in on the publishing group to let Harry know about some web server stuff we're doing. McGowan's over in the conference room with the Communique staff doing assignments - seems everyone wants to go to Tahoe, and of course he's only got ten spots on the plane, so there's quite a ruckus.

Ah, the exec wing. Just like exec areas everywhere, plenty of comfy chairs and wood. Well, except for the car parts stacked up outside doors and by the mailboxes. The secretaries did put their collective foot down when Kent had the engine shipped here with the oil still in it. Now the rule is in a box or new only, else it had better stay on the dock. Seems Lon Wall delivered this week's shipment from the Underground in person, he's over there chewing the fat with Domzalski and Seth. The cylinder head test is today, so I'm not surprised he came here.

Head down to the garage area, I spot the Corsa Lear Jet through the window, sure enough there's Ray Sedman and Herb Berkman. Wonder if Herb buzzed the building again this time. Both Larrys are here as well, along with the rest of the engine buiders. Test takes a couple hours, probably do about a dozen dyno pulls. It's amazing watching the guys who do this all the time change heads, there's a little friendly competition to see who can do it the fastest. Of course, the fully equipped Corsa test facility sure helps.

Lunchtime shows up, and sure enough there's Ken Klingaman and Warren Leveque out there on the airstrip with the Corvan full of cones laying out a course. It's nice having all this space, they're making a nice sweeping course which should be a lot of fun. Usually some of our neighbors bring their cars over too, they know we can't resist on a day like today. Going back into the bulding, I see Bristow glommed on to one of the lifts for a little lunchtime tech session.

I decide to stop in the museum on the way, always good to see what Wade's latest acquisition is, he just got back from a trip, and I need some copies from the archives. Dave Newell takes time out from some indexing to walk me through the stacks until I find what I need.

Well, back to the ranch, it's a lot of work keeping a couple hundred folk's computers running all the time. Hope you enjoyed the tour.

-- Bryan

[Psst, hey folks, Bryan's boss here. We let him believe this, because he's much more productive when we do. The staff has gotten used to their new names, now if we could just get him to stop making the vroom vroom noises.]

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